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Listen to DJ Caleeb's debut project, The Love EP.


Love EP tOUR..

Future of music..


Most college-aged students are looking for the next party to turn up
at, but few of them are the mastermind behind the party. DJ Caleeb
is a college graduate as well as one of Chicago’s most promising
up and coming House/EDM acts. Though getting a degree is no
easy feat, DJ Caleeb translates his hard work ethic into both his
education and his music. Having shared stages with Wiz Khalifa,
Chance the Rapper, Raury and Lil Wayne, it’s no secret that he
knows how to connect with some of music’s largest crowds. He’s
well-connected in the industry, with a passion as big as the Windy
City. Be on the lookout for DJ Caleeb as he’s sure to pop up on the
stage with one of your favorite artists.



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